Higher education and their campuses are constantly changing with demand, and those changes pose a unique set of engineering and design challenges. Superior Engineering has worked with a myriad of educational campuses to engineer custom solutions to accommodate their needs.

Each project begins by gathering the requirements and parameters from the university architect and engineer, along with input from the local municipalities. We then develop a strategic plan for efficient constructability, while minimizing interference with the surrounding environment. Campuses are busy and see very little downtime, so the concurrent goal is always to complete these projects in the shortest amount of time with as few interruptions as possible.

Our Specialties

We have engineered solutions for the Higher Ed in the following areas:

  • Extend utilities for expansion while designing innovative solutions to deal with existing structures and interferences.
  • Expansion of student transportation routes, including widening of roadways and construction of pedestrian tunnels.
  • Enhance telecommunication banks to accommodate future growth and minimize installation costs.
  • Upgrading electrical infrastructure to provide high voltage power to new facilities.
We will design the project you and your company deserve with engineering you can trust.
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