S/E Hosts Session at AIST Career Fair

The Association for Iron and Steel (AIST) facilitates a High School Career Fair each year for students that are interested in Engineering. Avariety of local employers participate and students are given the opportunity to attend workshops that cover various disciplines of the industry.

Superior Engineering participates each year by conducting a workshop at the career fair. For the past several years, Steve Vernengo’s mechanical engineering seminar is a favorite of students. During the workshop, Steve provides insight into why he chose this field and outlines the responsibilities of a mechanical engineer. The session concludes with a competitive project in which teams are challenged to design and build an airplane from a Styrofoam plate. While the team with the longest flight is awarded a prize, it’s the bragging rights each student wants to leave with.

This year’s career fair was another tremendous success and we look forward to participating for years to come!