Watch as members of our team share their thoughts, experience and insight about relevant industry topics.
Long-Term Commitment

Steve Vernengo, P.E.
Branch Manager/Manager of Engineering

Steve explains why Superior Engineering’s approach to relationship building is so important for everyone’s long-term success. This mutually beneficial process helps S/E deliver services that focus on collaboration, designing need based solutions for its customers. We value our clients and operate with trust and commitment to each other, confident that this approach truly promotes win-win project outcomes.

3D Modeling

Julianne R. Fabian
Mechanical Design Engineer

Julianne addresses some of the common misconceptions of 3D modeling and illustrates how they benefit both the client and S/E. This technology lends itself to speed, accuracy, and timeliness – key ingredients to cost-effective design. S/E is able to test what-if scenarios in 3D, validating the client’s needs while simultaneously identifying potential design obstacles prior to fabrication.

Finite Element Analysis

Corey Clevenger, P.E.
Assistant Manager – Mechanical Dept.

Corey explains how Superior Engineering uses Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to predict the behavior of components when physical effects such as force and heat are introduced. S/E can simulate several potentially dangerous, destructive, or impractical load conditions and their failure modes. When applied correctly, it produces a much more precise set of results than experimental investigations and is safer, faster and less expensive.

Environmental Protection

Richard D. Skarvan, P.E.
Manager of Projects

Rich explains why Superior Engineering takes environmental regulations seriously. Environmental laws protect the health and safety of humans and the environment. And helping our clients meet these local, state and federal regulations insures that they continue to operate in a responsible manner. S/E will always prioritize environmental issues, as everyone benefits from them in the long run.