A Bottleneck Issue Slows Production

Superior Engineering’s (S/E) experience in the field and ability to respond quickly to schedule constraints allows for efficient and effective solutions. This was illustrated in a project that was completed for a client that collects, recycles, and refines used oil.

A significant bottleneck issue was limiting production capacity. S/E was contracted to analyze and provide a solution to the problem. This required an understanding of the existing operation and a detailed study that identified inefficiencies.

Once the study was complete, S/E was able to outline the steps necessary to improve the bottleneck issue. This included drawings for new equipment, improvements in site logistics and enhancements to existing foundations, pipe racks, pumps, and filters.  This provided the client with everything necessary to obtain construction bid packages and installation details.

In the end, S/E completed this project in a timely manner and within budget. The client was extremely satisfied and quickly implemented the solution which increased production and profitability.

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