A Compromised Oxygen Furnace Halts Production

When a Northwest Indiana steel manufacturer experienced a failure with their basic oxygen furnace (BOF), Superior Engineering (S/E) was able to step in and provide technical assistance. Engineering design knowledge and expertise of these specific processes & components were tapped, allowing timely repairs to both idle and drive side vessel trunnion bearings - critical to BOF operations.

S/E immediately committed resources to ensure the safest possible turnaround. Due to the nature of the failure, field machining of the 37.40” diameter drive side trunnion pin was required prior to bearing replacement.

S/E led all facets of the project, including mapping out damage to the trunnion pin, outlining field machining targets and preparing spare components needed for the fixed and float side bearing replacement. S/E coordinated the bearing assembly, along with 24/7 technical support from the bearing OEM. In addition, S/E developed a procedure for tensioning the trunnion bearing pillow block anchor bolts via internal thermal positioning.

Once the installation was complete, S/E published the required bearing change documentation necessary for future reference. This included generation of a recommended spares list and the identification of long-lead items for their spare parts inventory.

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