A Failing Utility System Threatens Health Care Manufacturer

Companies that provide health care products literally save lives every day. When a compromised utility system threatened their operations, an international manufacturer and supplier of health care products turned to Superior Engineering for a solution.

The challenge at hand was to renovate and expand an unreliable utility system that supported a crucial facility within their campus. And during this revamp, a temporary utility system would need to be employed to maintain current operations.

The project’s scope included an engineering study and execution plan, complete with supporting cost estimates and preliminary construction procurement packages. The study defined each proposed overhaul as well as options to be considered by the client’s operations unit. Superior also identified existing underground piping & utility deficiencies that could impact future business operations.

Close interaction with the client and multiple operating departments was required to educate and inform the client on their best solution to upgrade its utility systems. Superior Engineering was able to successfully guide the health care team through the engineered solutions, schedule and cost constraints, resulting in a project that satisfied all of the client’s requirements.

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