Amine Stripper Reflux Drum Upgrade

Superior Engineering (S/E) recently completed a strategic project for a major domestic refinery. S/E implemented each phase of this project using a gated approach, executed over a duration of less than one year. The project’s objective was to replace an outdated Amine Stripper Reflux Drum, which was beginning to exhibit integrity issues. If left unresolved, this would impact production uptime & capacity, with a corresponding negative hit to their profit margins.

The scope of work covered several design alternatives including replacing the entire vessel. A comprehensive cost estimate package, budgetary quotes for major equipment and detailed engineering plans were prepared for the final design. S/E included laser scans of the drum area to verify equipment tolerances and ensure fabrication accuracy from start to finish. In addition, S/E managed and controlled the engineering schedules, vendor submittals and construction support.

S/E can handle simple projects as well as more complex, gated efforts with multiple phases and alternate strategies. Often, the benefits of the gated approach to capital projects include alternate solutions that may yield a more efficient design, ones that were not originally anticipated. The right effort applied to each stage of the process, along with solid engineering fundamentals, provides reliable solutions that you can count on. Superior Engineering – it truly is a mindset.

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