An Integrated Approach

Superior Engineering (S/E) often collaborates with clients who have in-house engineering and design departments. We can supplement their projects with services that fall outside of their capabilities or skillset.

One example of this was a recent project executed with an industrial construction contractor. The contractor’s team had designed a building that required an additional degree of structural engineering before finalizing the design.

An initial kickoff meeting was conducted to discuss a structural design strategy for the building. This included roles and responsibilities for each project team member and a design basis to evaluate major challenges in the building.

From the initial structural drawings created by the client, S/E performed a complete analysis of the applicable loads that could impact the final design. This included the HVAC system and other integrated equipment. Drawings were updated with all necessary specifications, reviewed by a professional engineer, and sealed for final submittal.

Collaborating and working with other teams is a key strength of S/E. Together, this integrated approach offers efficiency and accuracy to complex projects.

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