Arc Flash Study

Superior Engineering (S/E) was asked to complete an Arc Flash Study (AFS) for a leading contract logistics provider. Their facility had electrical power usage & leakage in excess of their operational needs. Based on both an economic and engineering analysis, a major system modification was recommended to reduce the current electrical usage, as well as to make the AFS restrictions compatible with current operational requirements.

The study began by conducting field survey work and meeting with plant personnel to define the parameters and limitations of the study. S/E then worked with their designated contractors to identify abandoned services and review power usage data. S/E designed the electrical modifications necessary to support the current use of the facility. The contractor then executed the required changes based on the formal AFS analysis documentation and design drawings.

After the specified systems were installed, S/E reviewed and approved contractor redline markups, resulting in a complete set of record drawings for the client.

An Arc Flash Study is crucial on many different operating levels. From safety to cost efficiency and everything in between, an arc flash study can avoid myriad technical and operational difficulties. Protect your staff, your operating equipment and overall facility by understanding every aspect of your electrical system and its intended usage. Start by letting S/E provide a comprehensive Arc Flash Study for your facility.

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