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Incorporating efficiency improvements is a necessary step to stay competitive and drive down costs in any manufacturing process. Superior Engineering (S/E) assisted one of the major steel suppliers in the Midwest, converting the boilers which produced steam to drive the existing turbines used in the steelmaking process. The boilers were reconfigured to support multiple fuel sources, and both a primary and secondary feed stream were employed. This included utilizing Blast Furnace Gas (generated as a byproduct during the steel making process) to enhance productivity and efficiency. S/E supplied the full complement of engineering services, in addition to overall project management support. 

S/E’s engineering services included the demolition of the fuel oil and atomizing steam system on each boiler, converting the existing mixed gas piping system to natural gas service, and rerouting the natural gas piping to a new 250 psig to 35 psig natural gas regulating station. Three parallel pressure regulating trains were incorporated as part of the design.

S/E also provided construction support and equipment specifications for the new large diameter valves and regulators, piping design for the required headers and instrumentation design / specifications for flow control valves, burner safety shutoff valves, and new metering orifices. The technical interface between the new natural gas valves as well as instrumentation to the existing Burner Management System (BMS) was also provided. 

A unique structural steel support for the new natural gas piping and regulating system completed the final installation.

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Services Provided
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Process
  • Construction Support
  • Project Management