Coke Drum Safety Improvement

Superior Engineering (S/E) has extensive experience in conducting Process Health Safety Environmental Reviews (PHSER). These are key to maintaining safe operations and are a hazard-risk audit of the existing occupational health and safety programs to ensure that all HSE issues have been identified and assessed. When a worldwide supplier to energy-related products needed a coke drum PHSER analysis, they turned to S/E for a concise review.

The client’s coke drum start-up required that all safety protocol be assessed and implemented prior to commissioning the unit. Modifications to this unit required changes in the bottom heading operations and revisions to the slide gate valve and feed line, resulting in significant changes to the coke drum vessel. As a result, S/E conducted a comprehensive safety review for the operating unit.

To begin the process, a thorough study was conducted of the original equipment and its existing documentation. From there, the scope of all design changes and material designations were analyzed in relation to the existing design. S/E documented the deficiencies and provided corrective actions. The final deliverable included a detailed report, action items and all relevant reference documentation used in the audit. In the end, the client was able to remedy the issues, allowing for a safe and efficient commissioning.

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