Construction Assistance | Modular Design

Many times, specific construction sequences or site logistics call for unique load analyses or temporary construction supports. S/E has the resources to evaluate and check modular designs for large pipe rack sections (typically 20 ft wide x 20 ft tall x 60 ft long) or pre-assembled equipment components for all loading conditions during transport and lift into its final location. Load combinations are analyzed to ensure the structure will behave as anticipated and within allowable stresses.

In one example, S/E designed and analyzed pipe rack modules that were originally planned to be stick-built. This approach was suggested by S/E, and then implemented by the client to accelerate construction - and reduce scheduled outages for the operating unit that would otherwise be required. To save extensive field welding and testing of pipe sections, the piping was installed in these modules prior to installation and then set in place with all interconnections ready.

S/E also designed and created “super-modules” by combining between 4 and 6 modules together (the heaviest “super-module” weighed in at approximately 400 tons). S/E determined that a larger crane could be used for installation of these “super-modules,” further reducing construction outage durations. What the installers valued was that the interconnecting piping between these modules was designed to be installed pre-outage, again shortening length of the outage. And as part of the value proposition that we offered, S/E reviewed the engineered lifts and rigging plans for the “super-modules” as part of the engineering services package.

S/E has the capability to provide field support and construction assistance as part of a complete package for module installation.

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