Cost Estimate to Replace Glass-Lined Reactor

A global chemical manufacturer contracted Superior Engineering (S/E) to upgrade and replace a glass-lined reactor and its related support system. The primary objective was to improve reactor metallurgy while increasing overall process equipment reliability. In addition to the reactor itself, this project included replacing pressure control valves, upgrading control interfaces, re-routing pipe runs and enhancing future access to all reactor components.

S/E performed the field walk-downs required to verify existing field conditions, structures, piping location, tie point locations, potential chokepoints and demolition requirements. A comprehensive laser scan created a 3D model that was able to demonstrate the sequences needed for removal and installation of the reactor systems and its components. Detailed engineering designs substantiated the engineering process from the generation of the BOM to the final installation.

The client was in search of accurate TIC information for their appropriations request to the parent company, and asked S/E to prepare a +/-10% TIC estimate. S/E recognized the importance of preparing an accurate cost estimate that was not only complete, but supported by the engineering deliverables, including a 3D model. This ensured that their project decisions were based on reliable and verified data, minimizing the potential for cost overruns. The estimate also provided a solid foundation for project approval and execution.

S/E worked closely with the client’s operations team to further reduce project costs and advance overall operating reliability. Because of the success of this reactor upgrade, the client improved their operating efficiencies and margins, enhancing their global market presence.

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