Crane Inspection and Capacity Ratings

A national gas supplier operates numerous compressor stations at their client sites, supporting on-demand oxygen and nitrogen delivery. Pre-engineered and custom installed monorails support the maintenance and inspection of these compressor stations.

Superior Engineering (S/E) was contracted to perform inspections and calculations to analyze and verify the proper load rating of the monorails and attached lifting devices. S/E completed site inspection of the monorails and supporting structural steel at several facilities, encompassing a total of twenty cranes. S/E also coordinated with the manufacturers of the pre-engineered cranes to confirm that specifications of the designed cranes matched what was installed in the field. As a result of the field inspections and our internal analyses, our client was provided with a list of repair items to address.

Specifically, these included: crane capacity, load test values for documentation and load ratings for each crane. Additionally, S/E developed a crane inspection procedure that meets OSHA, State, and client safety requirements. This is now included as part of their planned crane maintenance inspection programs.

S/E provides numerous engineering services to support client needs, freeing up valuable internal resources, which can then be used for critical operations and process activities.

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