Custom Designed Calciner Feed System

A Chicago-based food company recently awarded Superior Engineering to provide an engineered solution to solve an operations issue with their Calciner Feed System. Together with our sister company SEMAC, a comprehensive machine design was fabricated and installed.

The process began by proposing a solution which improved safety, reduced labor costs, and saved expensive product losses. After cost estimates were completed and validated, S/E was given the go-ahead for detailed engineering. We provided the complete package, from design, fabrication and equipment supply as well as the required demolition. Engineering work included structural and foundation modifications necessary to accommodate the new equipment.

S/E also upgraded the existing monorail system and added platform modifications for a secondary egress. The final step was to deliver, install and test the custom equipment. This project significantly improved the client’s process workflow, improved product quality & repeatability, reduced labor costs and increased overall product margins.

S/E often relies on the expertise of our affiliate company SEMAC when custom machinery and material handling applications are required. This allows S/E to provide comprehensive solutions to our clients, based on our knowledge and ability to provide the latest machine technology matched to their production needs.

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