Effective HVAC Systems

Superior Engineering (S/E) recently completed several design packages for a leading supplier of HVAC installation services. Working in tandem with the client’s design team, S/E provided cost-effective, commercial HVAC drawings.

The following services were provided to deliver a comprehensive set of drawings for each of the specific projects:

  • Conduct preliminary meetings to discuss equipment, sizing, and code compliance.
  • Include application for Construction Design Release (ACDR) and all state code requirements.
  • Provide drawings to illustrate equipment location, duct size, location of control devices, and air flow/temp design parameters.
  • Ensure that all drawings comply with commercial construction standards.
  • Provide detailed HVAC schedules for equipment and materials.
  • Specify power requirements for all required equipment including electrical and natural gas feeds.
  • Provide required Com check input.

With the complexity of today’s HVAC systems, a reliable engineering and design firm makes all the difference. Clients rely on the expertise and experience that S/E offers for HVAC projects.

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