Engineering Scientific Solutions

A worldwide provider of scientific compounds looked to Superior Engineering (S/E) to modify their production line and add more versatility to their manufacturing facility. The project would have to be integrated within their existing facility without disrupting current operations.

The upgrade included the installation of a new 2” hygienic pipe. This would permit the simultaneous transfer of product from bulk transfer equipment to product storage tanks and finishing tanks. It would also allow the client to transfer materials to bulk shipping equipment via additional 3” lines supporting the new system.

S/E provided the following services to support this project:

  • A complete 3D model of the area.
  • An overall project plan drawing illustrating the location of equipment and associated piping. This drawing was generated from the 3D model and included a drawing index, general project notes, and piping support notes.
  • Piping Isometrics based on the 3D model.
  • A detailed contractor Scope of Work package

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