Engineering Technology Saves Money and Reduces Risk

A major steel supplier in NWI needed an innovative solution to a difficult engineering project. A critical alloy chute used as part of a Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) to make final ladle additions for specialized steel production was severely damaged. The BOF has myriad layers of complex equipment, automation, drives, electrical conduit, and structural steel in the tapping area. Clearances were critical to maintain the working relationship between the alloy chute, the BOF and the ladle and car. To complicate the project, existing drawings were out of date and taking field measurements was not allowed during production. 

Laser scanning was the perfect solution. Superior Engineering (S/E) worked with their client and utilized the latest in laser scanning technology and 3D CAD to design, fabricate and install the alloy chute. The 3D model generated specific reference points for fabrication and construction, allowed for pre-fabrication of auxiliary chute support items (yielding a reduced outage window) and provided a clear visual representation of operating constraints and available clearances.

The resulting effort reduced project costs and minimized project risk by eliminating equipment fit issues and shop interferences. Critical operating interferences were also identified and eliminated during design, decreasing the risk of future chute damage from impact and collisions. The completed project included engineering design/calculations, laser scan data, computer modeling and analyses, project management and construction support. The new alloy chute was installed successfully with minimal outage duration and is currently operating as designed. S/E truly provided a “value added solution,” with hard dollar savings realized by their client.

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