Fire Main Repair

After a fire main ruptured at a pharmaceutical production facility, the resulting damage required an engineered solution. The inlet side of the main fractured below grade, causing soil erosion and damage to the building foundation. Superior Engineering (S/E) worked with the client on a formal assessment and scope of repair to address the damages.

The services provided included:

  • An initial investigation and survey of the area to collect relevant data.
  • Performed a Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey of the of the concrete floor slab in the building to help identify and locate the extent of the erosion under the slab. The GPR survey was also used to locate anomalies (i.e., voids) in the area. The anomalies were further analyzed to determine depth and direction. The survey also identified conduits attached to the foundations, as well as other underground utilities in the area.
  • Prepared a Survey & Assessment Report. The Survey & Assessment Report included a written description of the scope of work, equipment used for the survey, scanning processes executed, scanning findings and final conclusions. The report also included selected data points and photographs from the site.
  • Developed a detailed contractor Scope of Work for the necessary repairs and replacements.

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