Fire Main Replacement

The water mains that supply firewater to a major pharmaceutical client were aging and at risk of failing to provide adequate water flow in the event of an emergency. S/E was contracted to design and implement a replacement system that would provide maximum fire protection for the site’s building, grounds and structures.

Because this location houses key aspects of the client’s corporate operations, it was imperative that this project be executed as discreetly as possible to avoid interrupting daily operations. Special fencing matching the complex design concealed each site and noise pollution controls were implemented to minimize disruptions.

New piping and control lines were installed around the perimeter of the facility using directional boring technology. Automated instrumentation was also engineered to monitor pressure and system readiness in the event of an emergency. The final step was to energize the new system, pressure test and then complete the effort by tying in all 4 main firewater supply lines and disabling the old system.

The system is fully operational, and the client is extremely pleased with the outcomes, especially the discreet construction activity and noise controls S/E employed during construction.

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