Fuel Gas System Upgrade

A Northwest Indiana refinery has an elaborate fuel gas system with miles of pipe and transitions. Over time, these pipes have been subjected to extreme conditions, resulting in corrosion, flow restrictions and leakage. In order to maintain the highest level of safety and integrity for the refinery, S/E implemented a long-term strategy to update and replace the entire system.

Refineries of this nature rarely shut down. As a result, the majority of this replacement work was executed in concert with daily operations. This involved running new pipe in crowded racks, joining live pipes with hot taps/stopples and demolishing the existing pipe routes. As the work progressed, the project was expanded to include the raising of underground natural gas lines for improved leak detection and overall safety.

The new system not only reduced the risk of future leaks and explosions, but also added measures to prevent the build up of moisture and sludge. Overall, the new system is capable of delivering fuel gas in a safe and efficient manner while preventing incidents that could adversely affect the environment. 

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