Hydro Electric Facility Upgrade

Hydroelectrics are more than just power generation, they are a sustainable solution that is environmentally sound, and becoming more important than ever. When a major power generator approached Superior Engineering (S/E) with reliability and operational issues at one of their hydroelectric units, our team was eager to accept the challenge.

The primary task was to improve the unit’s reliability, while also addressing several operational headaches related to the sealing of Head Gates that protect downstream equipment. S/E worked closely with their insurance underwriter to ensure our design incorporated their safety and liability requirements as well.

To effectively solve this challenge, S/E provided the following services and deliverables:

  • Review existing and past operational procedures, including known issues.
  • Address environmental concerns and requirements.
  • Perform 3D laser scan for accurate dimensioning.
  • Perform structural assessment of Head Gates and Stop Log including an exploratory underwater assessment. Specifically, we wanted to address options for lifting and lowering the gates, consistent with their underwriter’s global requirements.
  • Replace and fully automate future Head Gates and Stop Log equipment.
  • Incorporate fault signals from control system to affected users.
  • Perform complete power study, addressing service and emergency power and arc flash calculations.
  • Design and detail a maintenance monorail system.
  • Prepare site pan drawing and traffic routing/ laydown area drawing.
  • Prepare Construction specifications.
  • Prepare Level 2 cost schedule.
  • Provide all required engineering drawings, sealed by a Professional Engineer.
  • Prepare required mechanical, electrical and control bid packages.
  • Prepare equipment/material procurement bid packages.
  • Project management services, including project cost and schedule control.
  • Prepare cost estimate and estimate basis.
  • Design and detail valve replacements for Head Gate operators.
  • Provide electrical specifications.
  • Provide construction assistance for all aspects of phases of the project.

Because of our experience within the power industry, S/E was able to provide an innovative look and solution to the clients concerns at hand. Our dedicated team’s knowledge and expertise of hydroelectrics ensured a noteworthy and successful outcome for this unit. 

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