Hydrocarbon Tank Replacement Project

Superior Engineering (S/E) completed the replacement of a large Hydrocarbon Transfer Tank for a major refinery in the Midwest.

In addition to engineering the tank replacement, the work scope included replacement of two large distillate transfer pumps and demolition of associated equipment. The existing tank was successfully demolished and replaced without damage to the major mechanical equipment near the construction area.

The project was executed using a gated funding strategy. Each stage of the project was orchestrated to meet client shipping schedules and to meet continuous product transfers. The new pumps and interconnecting piping were also commissioned in phases as the existing pumps were taken offline, maintaining continuous shipment of product.

S/E applied the following engineering disciplines: civil/structural, process, piping, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical.

The detailed project scope included:

  • Demolition of the existing tank, pumps and foundations.
  • Installation of a new cone roof atmospheric tank and ring wall foundation. The new tank included all required appurtenances, full instrumentation, foam firefighting system with foam chambers mounted on the tank, a new tank cathodic protection system and area lighting.
  • New pumps and transfer piping with specified instrumentation. The pump’s relocation and piping modifications required remediation of excessive vibration issues encountered with the old system arrangement.
  • New spillback piping.
  • A new road crossing and dike wall between tanks.
  • A new elevated pump pad with containment walls and user access.
  • Controls were automated for the new (and ongoing) shipping scenarios, making certain to avoid cross-contamination of the certified product being delivered.
  • Power feeds and starter panels for the new pumps, electrical power for new MOVs, and area lighting around the new pump pad.
  • New home run cables from the Control Room to the new junction boxes near the pumps and all new instrumentation components. Upgrades were also required in the Control Room Building to account for the additional I/O points needed.
  • S/E also provided all required construction drawings including foundations, platforms, control loops and piping details. Over 250 drawings were prepared for construction.

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