Identifying Structural Issues Before It’s Too Late

When a Midwest food producer discovered a potential problem within their facility, they reached out to Superior Engineering (S/E) for a solution. The issue at hand was a defective structural component that supported a storage vessel that was critical to their operations. Because there were no existing drawings or specifications, S/E immediately performed a thorough on-site analysis.

To avoid a costly and dangerous equipment failure, a timely solution was the top priority. After completing the field survey and structural analysis, a detailed list of repairs was prepared. The recommendations were outlined and illustrated in a set of detailed drawings, including a clearly defined scope of work. This allowed the client to secure a contractor and begin repairs with a well-defined strategy.

There is never a good time for equipment to fail, but quite often there is an opportunity to perform preventative measures and inspections. S/E has a reliable skillset that clients can count on to analyze and address problems before they become larger ones.

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