Inductive Melters and Quench Systems

Superior Engineering (S/E) was commissioned to provide mechanical layout, structural and piping design for the installation of new inductive melters and quench systems for two electrolytic tinning lines.  Both lines shared the complexity of fitting new equipment into tight quarters, with specific safety requirements for personnel and maintenance access. The significant challenge of being highly congested was met with extensive pre-planning from S/E. We developed an engineering plan that allowed for non-critical activities to be completed when the unit was running, and only mission-critical activities were executed during the unit outage. S/E’s approach led to substantial piping and structural installation work being designed as modules and then installed pre-outage. 

In addition, because of the short schedule and need to make certain there were no surprises, S/E performed a 3D laser scan with a resulting CAD model. This model was then shared with the selected vendors to eliminate costly oversights and delays. This approach also allowed for coordinated 3D vendor walk throughs, and tighter schedule adherence for the equipment suppliers and installation contractors.

Both projects were successfully completed with minimal start-up issues and facility downtime. The projects finished well ahead of schedule, all while maintaining full project benefits.

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Services Provided
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Project Management