Ladle Laser System

High-speed laser scanners can play an integral role when working with molten metal. They can be used in the determination of crucial data for safe and efficient operations. In a recent project for a global steel supplier, Superior Engineering (S/E) prepared an installation package for a new ladle laser system.

The complexity of this project went beyond just providing drawings and specifications. A significant amount of field data had to be collected to ensure the client could efficiently integrate the new equipment into their operations.

The final deliverables included:

  • Installation drawing package including demolition and modifications of the existing enclosure and heat shield.
  • Handrail design for protection of area.
  • Mounting details for new laser system.
  • Relocation of any electrical cabinets associated with new system.
  • General arrangement drawings of the new system.
  • Power and interconnect electrical drawings.
  • Installation Bid Specification.   

S/E’s technical expertise and experience ensured an accurate and detailed solution. In the end, the client received all the necessary components to efficiently upgrade their operations.

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