Leak Detection and Component Assessment

Superior Engineering (S/E) performed a field assessment of the Distillation and Hydrotreating units for a large re-refiner in the Midwest. It was critical that the overall operation operate safely and economically. In addition, potential failures could undermine the re-refiners ability to effectively collect, process and handle the hazardous materials involved.

S/E’s primary responsibility was to create an analysis of potential leak sources such as valves, pumps, compressor seals, RVs, flanges, connectors, open lines, and sample points. S/E provided an equipment listing count of the potential leak sources by component type, P&ID and LDAR category, including related summary statistics.

The client was able to immediately put this valuable information to use, addressing potential issues before they became costly problems. It also allowed them to prioritize future projects and maintain a proactive approach to safety.

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