Lifting and Rigging Plans

A leader in environmental services needed to replace a large heater in their operating plant. The client had to both remove the existing heater and install the new unit – both heavy lifts. S/E was called to develop engineered lift and rigging plans for every step of the way. This required careful planning to ensure maximum safety to plant personnel and installation contractors, with minimum downtime.

Superior Engineering (S/E) provided a complete engineered lift package to remove the existing heater and install the new heater. Space around the construction site was very tight, so a premium was placed on locating the main crane with a keen eye toward safety and site logistics. Rigging plans were prepared and engineering calculations completed based on equipment loads, locations and available lifting systems.

S/E prepared site preparation plans, engineered lift plans and also provided construction support. The equipment exchange was successful, and the client was able to resume normal operations in a safe, efficient manner.

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