Market Leader in Emulsifiers Invests in Illinois Plant

Recognized as the North American market leader in emulsifiers, our client recently expanded their Illinois facility to support a growing portfolio of sweet goods and bakery related production.

Superior Engineering (S/E) provided all engineering and technical support for this challenging project, working closely with the client from the onset - preparing preliminary designs and studies, planning and scheduling overall project constraints, and finalizing the project cost estimates for funding requirements. S/E also prepared and supported the permitting requirements, provided construction management services, construction scheduling and field engineering support. The project was subjected to a restricted footprint, a very aggressive engineering/construction schedule, and a new process that was undergoing final design and acceptance testing late in the design process.

The project details included modifying a portion of the existing facility for new storage tanks as well as adding a five-level enclosure to support the new process line. This also included over sixty new pieces of equipment, a full complement of instrumentation, along with expanding the electrical and utilities infrastructure necessary to operate the automated process.

This multimillion-dollar project required concise and timely communication, utilizing the web for team meetings and database tracking to manage the project documents as the work was being executed. This approach provided a platform that served as the repository of the most accurate information at any given time, necessary for this very aggressive timeline. S/E also made extensive use of 3D modeling and laser scanning due to the limited real estate, resulting with installation(s) that were spot on. Physical conflicts were minimized by establishing dedicated envelopes for routing of utilities, process piping, electrical and instrumentation systems – a side benefit of minimal field changes.  

The net result was a project that exhibited a significant degree of flexibility during the construction process, a benefit utilized by all members of the project team. Problems could be solved with accurate information, combining the latest technology and expertise leading to the development of practical solutions. All decisions were focused safety, schedule, quality and budget compliance. By having all parties on the same page throughout the project, the team positioned itself to bring home a truly challenging and rewarding project.

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