Mechanical Fire Rebuild for Indiana Medical Center

A devastating fire required the rebuilding of an Indiana medical center that was recently destroyed.

 Superior Engineering (S/E) was included as part of the team to rebuild this facility immediately, and to adhere to the approved project budget. The HVAC system was to be designed for multiple tenant buildouts and required a specialized zoning system to maintain variable cooling requirementsfor the medical tenant.

 S/E’s experience with alternate mechanical systems, its understanding of the specialized zoning systems required for the multiple tenants, and the knowledge of medical equipment requirements was critical to determine the best path for maintaining costs while improving the overall schedule.  

 The project also demanded an understanding of the requirements for heat loads generated by CT scanners, and MRI’s, including Cryogen ventilation for specific medical equipment. S/E was asked to engineer, design, and provide construction drawings for the entire HVAC system, inclusive of an isolated grounding system for this equipment along with specifications for the mechanical equipment. This included the HVAC COMCheck documentation, hourly analysis program (HAP) calculations for compliance with ASHRAE and submission of the Application for Construction Design Release (ACDR) per the required state and local regulations. 

 S/E assisted with the permitting process and provided PE stamped drawings for regulatory approval. All engineering work was completed within a four-week schedule.

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Services Provided
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Instrumentation
  • Construction Support
  • Project Management