Packaging Line Modernization

A large agricultural company needed to upgrade five packaging lines across two locations, to satisfy increased production demands. This upgrade addressed modifications to their conveyors, fillers, carton framers, carton sealers, labelers, and stretch wrappers.

Superior Engineering (S/E) used a combination of existing and new equipment to reconfigure the packaging lines, resulting in increased speed and efficiency. S/E collected field & logistics data, along with equipment arrangement drawings from vendors for analysis. S/E included plant air supply requirements, electrical supply capacities and the required tie-points. During the process, several electrical and mechanical drawings were found to be outdated or missing. By using the latest scanning technologies, S/E was able to recreate these drawings to continue the analysis without a hitch.

The final solution included completed equipment layouts, load studies, piping and panelboard drawings, conduit and cable schedules and line sizing calculations. A strong field presence, coupled with equipment vendor coordination and our engineering staff, resulted in a highly successful project outcome.

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