Product Transfer Station

A common problem within the chemical industry is a dated technology often called a “hose house.” This refers to a product transfer station in which hoses are manually connected and disconnected to transfer materials to various locations, like storage tanks and distribution trucks. In addition to being very inefficient, a dated hose house can pose serious safety risks to plant operators.

S/E was contacted to design and implement a solution to replace an aging hose house for a large chemical producer. Together with our sister company, SEMAC Machinery, we developed a vertical matrix system and surrounding enclosure. The surrounding enclosure was custom designed to control the temperature of the manifold. Measuring nearly 30 feet tall, the manifold has 15 supply lines and 30 distribution lines.

The new system features rigid pipe valves, eliminating the need for hoses. All of the valves are computer controlled, eliminating the need for any manual disconnects or reconnects. Overall, the system automation and custom fabrication provided our client with the safest and most efficient way to transfer products.

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