Rail Car Cleaning Facility

A local producer of cleaning chemicals relies on rail cars for their high-volume distribution. After unloading, each rail car needs to be cleaned and sanitized before being refilled. To avoid the time and expense of sending cars off-site for cleaning, a temporary outdoor cleaning operation was installed. While this was effective during the warmer summer months, it was not feasible to operate once the frigid winter weather arrived.

S/E worked alongside plant managers to design and construct a permanent rail cleaning station that would meet their demands. The new facility encapsulates the process under roof and provides a year-round solution for cleaning rail cars. Along with the enclosed design, all equipment and processes were also analyzed and scaled to meet the growing demands of their operation.

In addition to working within their existing capabilities, our client required that this project be completed before winter weather arrived. From initial concepts through permitting and construction, S/E managed the entire process – ensuring a timely and successful project completion.

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Services Provided
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  • Mechanical