Rigging Analysis | Major Lifting Plans

Whether you need a site analysis, lifting plans, stamped drawings, site logistics, design calculations, temporary cradles, site inspections or temporary foundations, we are here to assist with your needs. S/E has engineers who you can talk to directly – no wasted time getting the correct technical resources applied to your work.

We have worked with contractors, manufacturers and industrial plants in the placement of large equipment, new roofs or steel structures and packaging equipment.

In addition to engineering the lift itself, S/E can review the placement of the lift cranes in relation to existing structures, evaluate underground pipelines for bearing loads, direct the offloading of the equipment, and evaluate equipment access and reach – all with respect to the final equipment location and placement. All items of the rigging are analyzed so that no component exceeds its factored allowable capacity. Center of gravity and load stability are also maintained within the constraints of the pick point and hook location.

S/E also reviews heavy haul equipment transport plans. Typically, these transportation plans utilize self-propelled modular transporters or SPMTs because the item being transported is larger than what could be safely moved by truck. Under these transport parameters, S/E also confirms the center of gravity of the equipment module remains within acceptable limits for the SPMT’s design, ensuring the transport remains stable and safe during its journey.

S/E also provides continuous on-site field support and coordination during the entire engineered lift operation, often dictated by specific project requirements.

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We will design the project you and your company deserve with engineering you can trust.