Underground Piping Restraint

A large diameter chilled water line at a local governmental training station needed to be replaced. Adjacent to this chilled water line were two like-sized pipes – a fire water main and an incoming city water main (both lines were installed with bell and spigot type slip fittings). During excavation, the contractor realized that the unrestrained, pressurized lines could shift, resulting in leaks and a potential emergency shutdown. It was critical for the existing lines to remain online during the replacement of the chilled water line.

To address this challenge, the client reached out to Superior Engineering (S/E) for a strategic approach. The process began with a site visit to investigate field conditions, search & identify underground obstructions, and collect all necessary field data. With this information, S/E designed a temporary restraint system for the lines adjacent to the replacement line, securing them both in the online state during construction.

While the technical requirements of this project were straightforward, it was S/E’s speed and efficiency that really made the solution a success. When the initial inquiry was made, S/E was on site the same day.

Regardless of project size or complexity, S/E’s focus is on providing full support to their clients - there is no such thing as a project that is too small. In fact, small projects are a perfect fit for a matrix organization that is built on providing timely engineering services in a safe, efficient manner and with quality and accuracy as a standard.

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