Underground Sewer Survey

A major food manufacturer in the Midwest needed to document all underground process and sanitary sewer lines in its large manufacturing center. The work covered two primary buildings covering over 50,000 square feet. Superior Engineering (S/E) used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to augment the location of these sewers.

The following engineering services were included in the specified work scope:

  1. Coordinated all on-site field investigations necessary to locate all ground level process and sanitary drain hubs for each building.
  2. Coordinate the support for all subcontractors.
  3. Located the underground process waste and sanitary sewers including the routing from the drain hubs to the exit of each building.
  4. Utilized field data and site information to update the existing AutoCAD drawings with both process and sanitary sewer information.
  5. Coordinated and assembled all documentation and drawings for the final deliverables.

S/E’s ability to collect data in the field and accurately record it is an asset many of our clients rely on. Our experienced team presents this data clearly so the client can make informed decisions. With the right knowledge, costly mistakes can be avoided, and profitable operations can be preserved.

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