Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade

Superior Engineering (S/E) assisted a major Midwest refinery with implementing cost effective solutions to maintain production levels, while preserving valuable capital for upcoming projects.

S/E engineered a series of projects for the refinery’s wastewater treatment system to ensure continued compliance with the State’s water discharge permit.  Along the way, S/E was able to substantially increase the capacity of the existing water clarifiers, preventing production restrictions due to upsets. After implementation, the refinery was able to operate on a single clarifier while the other one could be taken offline, inspected, repaired, and modified as necessary.

Another key project involved pump replacement and spill protection requirements, complete with new piping, meters and valving, and upgraded VFD’s with the requisite interfaces to the existing control room DCS. 

These projects increased the efficiency of the clarifiers by allowing the injection and recovery of a weighting agent (magnetite) into the return sludge stream. Once complete, the refinery was able to run a full slate of Canadian Crude through the refinery and expand their product offerings.

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