Our Civil–Structural department has designed support structures and foundations for large steel mill and oil refinery equipment as well as structural platforms and walkways that interconnect equipment and structures. Our desgins range from large multi-story process structures (over 100,000 square feet) to small office buildings (1500 square foot). We have modified existing structures to accommodate new uses and have upgraded structures to support greater loads than imposed by the initial design.

Our experience encompasses the design of structures subjected to dynamic loads (from rotating machinery), intermittent shock loads (from manufacturing processes), earthquake loads, tall structures subjected to high wind loads, structures subjected to extremely high dead loads and structures conceived for form more than function. S/E utilizes structural design codes and building codes to consummate our designs. These design analyses may be done with a number of structural design software packages for which S/E holds licenses or by proven manual computational processes.

We can utilize a multitude of materials in our designs that can accommodate broad temperature ranges, various corrosive atmospheres and lightweight designs.

Our current staff includes designers and engineers many of whom hold professional registrations in Indiana and Illinois as well as numerous other states. We  maintain proficiency with numerous design software packages and we use industry standard tools to generate drawing packages.

Superior Engineering’s expertise includes engineering inspection and evaluation for numerous heavy industrial plants, including integrated steel mills, refineries, chemical plants, power generation plants, finishing mills, lime plants, coal handling terminals, etc. We have provided inspection services on a wide variety of structures including but not limited to industrial buildings,  cranes, platforms, supports, equipment foundations and equipment frames.  Upon completion of the inspection we can provide an in-depth analysis of the condition and design repairs as required. In an emergency we can respond quickly to assist with services where immediate action is required.

Examples of Civil and Structural Services:
  • Bridge Design
  • Building and Architectural Design
  • Combined Sewer Overflows
  • Concrete Analysis
  • Construction Detailing
  • Crane Inspections
  • Equipment & Machinery Foundations
  • Failure / Stress Analysis
  • Foundation Design
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Road and Railway Design
  • Runoff and Drainage Management
  • Site Improvements
  • Storage Tanks, Bins, and Hoppers
  • Storm Sewer Design
  • Structural Analysis & Design
  • Structural Evaluations & Reports
  • Structural Inspections
  • Support Structures
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Transportation Planning and Systems
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