The employees of the Electrical Engineering Department is what distinguishes us from similar groups within our industry. Our group is a diverse collection of talent and experience from career Consulting Engineering practitioners to engineers who have spent most of their lives as part of the industries which are the mainstay of our practice. While diverse, the contributions of each talent complement and enhance one another. In similar fashion to a well done lighting project the oasis of each team member’s “light” overlaps slightly to ensure continuity in the overall effort.

Specific examples of added value:

A workforce of this caliber brings real world experience in commercial, institutional, manufacturing, and heavy industry to bear on engineering and project implementation endeavors. This practical acumen roots our design approach in sensible, purpose built, and economically viable approach to a design concept offers a tangible return in added value and final project implementation.

“Custom Engineering” perspective:

Our folk’s experience and diversity facilitates an efficient approach to each client’s unique needs. Efforts requiring the integration of new electrical loads in existing electrical distribution infrastructure form a significant percentage of our practice. Stale off the the shelf solutions either will not work or will require significant expense to “make fit” in these instances. Also, applications we frequently address involve situations and applications germane to a particular industry or practice. Real life experience immersed in similar situations enables our engineers and designers implement use appropriate designs the first time.

Examples of Electrical Services:
  • Electrical Reconfiguration
  • Service
  • Substation
  • Cranes
  • Electrical Equipment Layout
  • Fire Alarm & Security Systems
  • Grounding
  • Motor Control Design
  • Motor Drives
  • Power Quality
  • Switch Yard Design
  • Indoor
  • Site
  • Task
  • Device Coordination
  • Fault Current Studies
  • Field Survey and Analysis
  • Load Flow/Demand
  • Short Circuit
  • Utility Capacity Surveys
  • Voltage Drop
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