Instrumentation & Controls

Our Instrumentation and Controls department includes a vast array of expertise ranging from the selection and specification of a wide variety of instruments for process applications to the design, configuration and programming of PLC and DCS systems. Many of our I&C engineers obtained their field knowledge from their many years of experience as front line Instrument Engineers employed by major industrial companies. In those days they were responsible for not only the design of the system but also had to maintain what they installed so it became a prime importance that any installation not only functioned well but was also easy to maintain and service. Our I&C department is fully capable of working with your operations and maintenance people to access and identify any control problem. They can then investigate the field conditions; develop the control strategy and system design to solve the problem. After design, S/E’s I&C engineers can take the solution from paper to reality and provide complete construction and startup support.

Our work can be performed using a variety of software for drawing presentation such as Autocad and Microstation and we maintain our competency in the use of numerous current design software packages.

Examples of Instrumentation and Controls:
  • Instrument selection and specification
  • Control Centers
  • Control Interfacing
  • Control Valve Sizing
  • Orifice Plate/Differential Pressure Flow Sizing
  • Level Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Flow Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Temperature Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Pressure Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Analytical Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Process Analyzers Technology and Selection
  • Pressure Instrument Technology and Selection
  • Alarm and Trip Systems
  • SIS
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