Superior Engineering regularly performs diverse projects in the Chemical Industry for many well-known manufacturing companies. These projects may be in the form of complete processing plants, or additions and modifications to existing facilities. We have a strong knowledge base of operations, equipment and processes for the manufacture of: chlorine and caustic, chlorinated organics, soaps, fatty acids, phosphoric acid products, phosphate processing, ammonia, nitrogen compounds, polymers, polystyrene, lithographic inks, paints, oils and pigments, powdered metals, oxygen compounds, sulfuric acid, pulp and paper products and other products produced, stored and handled within this industry.

All S/E designs are in compliance with applicable codes & standards, along with other requirements by governing authorities for construction practices, operational safety and fire protection. In addition, S/E has strong capabilities in the routing, analysis and design of pressure vessels and piping. Many chemical processes are corrosive, highly explosive and/or flammable and S/E maintains extensive experience in the proper selection of materials and construction techniques to design systems with minimum hazard.

S/E has extensive experience in the design of boiler houses, process reactor heating and cooling systems, docks and warehousing, loading and unloading facilities, pumping, tankage and pipeline facilities.

Examples of Process Chemical Services:
  • Process Flow
  • Production Quantitites
  • Heat Balance and Material Balance Reports
  • Material and Construction Standards
  • Major Equipment Specifications
  • Site Construction and Access Information
  • Designed Boiler Houses, Process Reactors and Heating and Cooling Processes
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