Recognizing Continuous Service Achievement

At our shareholder’s meeting on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 we recognized the employees that have been with Superior Engineering for 5, 10, 15 and 25 years. We greatly appreciate the service and dedication of these employees!

Employees who have worked for the Corporation for more than 25 years! 
Mark Bonick
Mark Ciesielski
Larry Just
Greg Adams
Jill Hartog

15 years
Gary Konecny
Michael McClarey
Steve Vernengo

10 years
Tamara Arnold
Ravi Chigurupati
Mike Cipich
Paterno Esios
Curt Frankovich
Tom Gyure
Eric Hornback
Jeff Knaack
Alejandro Maldonado
George Muller
Dave Plenus
Michelle Price
Joel Vogel

5 years
Alex Callow
Dawn Hageman
Daniel Haines
Ron Lapinski
Tony Molinaro
Todd Moore
Pat O’Neill
Garry Ooms
Dave Starr
Ed Torres

PNW Fall Frolic Run & Walk

Purdue University Calumet’s annual Fall Frolic Run and Walk supports the Jennie Hamilton Memorial and the scholarship established in her name by friends and family. This year, Superior Engineering supported this great event by sending a company team that consisted of employees and their families.We had a total of 13 participants attend the event. We had a successful outing, placing some in the top of the divisions. Below are the rankings for the runners that day:

Patrick Edwards – 2nd Overall
Dave Plenus – 4th in age group
Seth Binder – 2nd in age group
Mary Hills – 2nd in age group

Investing in Our Future Engineers

Superior Engineering had the privilege of participating in the 9th Annual High School Engineering Seminar at the Purdue University Northwest Campus in Hammond, IN. The event is sponsored by the Association for Iron & Steel Technology (AIST) and introduces local IN & IL high school students to career opportunities in the field of engineering.

Steve Vernengo, Manager of Engineering for Superior, hosted a hands-on event where 4-person teams of students were challenged to build the “longest flying glider.” The event focused on the practicality of engineering projects, keeping student focused on 1) project scope – build the longest flying glider; 2) project schedule – teams were allotted 25minutes to complete the task; and 3) project budget – a $10 construction budget was allocated. The exercise was designed to give students a sample of the various engineering disciplines, the teamwork necessary to incorporate those skill sets, and most importantly – have fun while competing with their fellow classmates.

Superior Engineering sees tremendous value in mentoring these engineers of the future, and we are grateful for the opportunity to participate. To learn more about this Seminar and AIST, read the article published by the Northwest Indiana Times.

Employee Olympic Luncheon & Competition

In the spirit of the Olympics, S/E celebrated with a special lunch for all employees. We had food indicative of various countries including the USA, China, and Italy to name a few. After lunch, we had individuals represent their respective department in a friendly competition of lawn games. Bean Bag toss, Ladder Ball, Horseshoes and KanJam were the designated games.

Each contestant tested their skill and received points for successful attempts. Our “gold medalist” was Tyler Iliovici representing the Mechanical Department, our “silver medalist” was Tamara Arnold representing Document Control and our “bronze medalist” was Akash Joshi representing the Structural Department. Tamara and Akash had a tied score and went head to head in a final playoff round. They played Ladder Ball in the rain and wind and ultimately Tamara scored the most points thus the “silver medalist.” All three winners received gift cards.

We congratulate all of our contestants Rich Skarvan, Eloisa Carranza, Seth Binder, John Booker, Amy Kovacs, Deb Valentovich, John Pilewski and Dave Starr for a valiant effort! A special shout out to Corey Clevenger who was the KanJam receiver.

Stay tuned for our next event…

S/E Rallies Behind Relay for Life

Relay for Life is an annual event that draws over 4 million supporters from 20 countries. Organized by the American Cancer Society, the event supports the fight against cancer while remembering those we have lost and celebrating those that have survived. Because cancer does not sleep, each participating team vows to keep a member of their team walking throughout the entire night of the event.

Once again, the staff at S/E was eager to support this year’s Relay for Life event. Some contributed financially, donating funds to support the ACS’s research and provide resources to those battling cancer. Others purchased luminaries to honor those that have personally battled this terrible disease. And as a company, we pledged to support a team that that walked all night in the Mason, MI event.

Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate. Its reach affects nearly everyone in one way or another. We all hope for a cure and supporting events like Relay for Life is a simple way to insure that some day our hope will become reality.

S/E Welcomes Merrillville HS Students


In 2015, Merrillville High School started a summer camp to prepare incoming seniors for life after high school. One day each week is dedicated for students to visit actual job sites to learn more about real opportunities within the community.

This year, S/E welcomed a group of students interested in pursuing a career in the engineering field. We delivered a custom presentation that covered the history of engineering, the relevance of engineering in everyday life, the career opportunities within the engineering field and the earning potential an engineer has in the local and national market. S/E employees varied from each phase of a career, starting with a student intern, a recent graduate and engineers with 6, 10 and 20+ years of experience. Each engineer offered a unique perspective and represented educational degrees in, Bachelor of Science in Engineering, and Engineering Technology, Master of Science in Engineering, MBA’s and Professional Engineers.

The students asked questions regarding the educational requirements of the engineering field. Additionally, the students also wanted to know what type of projects S/E performed, including the individual responsibilities of each presenter. Overall, there were meaningful discussions and the students demonstrated a strong interest in pursuing an engineering career.

S/E is honored to support Merrillville High School in their effort to expose students to real world opportunities. We received personal thank you notes from each student and were happy that we could inform and inspire them as they make decisions toward choosing a career. The staff at Merrillville High School is certainly doing a great job to engage their students early, and we look forward to partnering with their future programs.