Food Processing

One of the most highly competitive national industries, with hard-sought, low percentage profits, is the food processing industry. Closeness to source of product, costs of labor in the area, and process equipment investment are but a few of many factors which have an effect on profitable operation.

Minimization of process handling costs through automation, improved equipment, increased speed, etc., are all items that merit total economic consideration and with which Superior Engineering, LLC can be of assistance.

S/E knows processes and equipment in all segments of this important industry and has been engaged in many coordinated engineering, design and installation projects to attain the planned results for profit improvement.

Our Specialties

We have designed solutions for manufacturing and facilities problems in the following areas:

  • Refrigeration, insulation, coolers, grinders, cookers, pressure vessels, vats, ovens, tanks, piping, blenders for processing operations.
  • Machinery for weighing, classifying and packaging.
  • Conveyors, chutes, monorails, elevators, drum handling, platform lifts and shuttle cars for materials handling.
  • Docks, levelers, conveyors, stacking equipment, racks and loss prevention features for warehousing and shipping.
  • Utilities, boilers, heating, air pollution control, water and waste treatment.
We will design the project you and your company deserve with engineering you can trust.
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